Interview with Dino Magnatta on his Eco Retreat in Bali

Staying at the Ulaman Eco Retreat in Bali is one of those experiences during our trips to better discover the islands, which we’ll never forget. Not only for the accommodation itself, but because it combines the essence of what we are looking for in ecotourism; the off the path lush landscape, innovative sustainable architecture, spa services, yoga shala, sustainable practices, and farm to table wellness cuisine. Read more

Committed to Nature's Cause: Interview with Dino Magnatta, Owner of Ulaman Resort Bali

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Dino Magnatta fell deeply in love with the Balinese people, culture, religion and spiritual beliefs throughout his business ventures and travel here over the past 22 years. In 2019, he began searching for a remote location that can re-enact the divine tranquility of Ubud; river, jungle and rice fields to build his own ‘dream house’. What once planned to be a personal project turns into a prestigious business with noble cause, as Mr. Dino then decided to establish a gorgeous, sustainable resort, and Ulaman Resort was born. Read more

Building A Resort For The Future Is Oh, So Sexy – At Ulaman Eco Retreat

Ulaman is an eco–resort in every way. Created from soaring bamboo and rammed earth, polished teak and stone, every surface begs to be touched. The sustainable features include grey water systems, salt water pools, turbine powered electricity and the sustainable materials used in the design. While this may not sound sexy, the vision that has come to life in this beautiful valley is.   Read more

Ulaman Eco Retreat is an ecological wellness resort in Bali that blends nature with utmost luxury…

No longer does an eco-friendly holiday mean budget homestays without air-con or mod-cons. Today, sustainable resorts reign supreme, home to all of life’s little luxuries – and then some. Here in Bali, eco-stays are the epitome of luxury travel, and one of our faves is Ulaman Eco Retreat – an environmentally-friendly five-star resort that doubles up as an all-natural holistic retreat. Read more

Rejuvenate the Body and Mind with Minimal Ecological Footprint at Ulaman Eco Retreat, Bali

Sometimes, there is nothing more unrelenting than the burning desire to recharge in a remote and peaceful location, surrounded with some of the most beautiful resort architecture and stunning natural backdrops. For most, this dream destination is someplace in a secluded Balinese resort. But what if you wanted all of that, without the massive ecological footprints of most luxurious resorts? Read more

Travel that loves the earth: 9 new and revamped sustainable hotels for luxe living

Travel is still a tentative concept, but there’s no reason not to start planning your next getaway. Look out, public holidays in 2022! It’s time to take a deep dive into the hottest new green hotels for sustainable vacationing. These forward-thinking resorts are doing more than simply banning plastic straws. Think accommodations powered by hydro turbines and solar energy set in airy treehouse canopies dishing up plant-based cuisine grown from on-site gardens. Check out these modernised eco-friendly holiday hotspots that satisfy the needs of planet earth without forsaking life’s little luxuries. Read more

Go Green At Ulaman Eco Retreat

Ulaman Eco Retreat, a luxury eco-conscious villa and wellness resort in Kaba Kaba Village, has opened its doors to anyone seeking luxury and serenity in a sustainable environment. Ulaman offers a unique holistic retreat experience – immersed in traditional Balinese culture – for people who strive to live more consciously without compromising comfort and luxury. Read more

Ulaman Eco Retreat - Bali’s Newest Gem

In a secret Kaba Kaba jungle valley a mere twenty minute drive from the bustling tourist centre of Canggu, lies Bali’s newest gem - Ulaman Eco Retreat. Offering a luxurious, tranquil and picturesque getaway from urban life, the 11 room eco sustainable resort had its soft opening at the end of May of this year, which is when it fell at the top of my radar of places to visit. This past week I had the pleasure of being invited for a two night stay at the Ulaman Eco Retreat and get better acquainted with its unique charm and conscious living inspired features. Read more

Staying at Ulaman Bali Eco Retreat: Review, Guide + Tips

Ulaman Bali is a new boutique eco-retreat that was only opened mid-way through 2020. It features incredible wavy and earthy bamboo architecture, sweeping jungle views, beautiful pools, and essentially everything you would want out of a more remote and extremely visually and spiritually pleasing getaway. Read more

Inspiral Architects Combines Bamboo + Rammed Earth for Ulaman Eco Retreat in Bali

Located in bali’s kaba-kaba village, ‘ulaman eco retreat resort’ by inspiral architecture and design is built using materials found directly on the site and the immediate locality. rammed earth is used for the resort‘s ground level walls, while the rest of the structure has been made with bamboo, much of which was harvested from the site. its guest villas, each of which complete with its own private pool, are topped with curvilinear roofs that can be admired from different heights and angles. Read more