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"A haven for the modern mindful traveler"

We found plenty of what we love most at Ulaman Eco Retreat. It’s one of the most sustainable boutique hotels you’ll find on the island, designed wi...[...]

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"A tranquil eco wellness retreat to fully relax and renew"

Ulaman offers a beautifully designed bamboo main house with three extra-large well-appointed bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, and additional guesthous...[...]

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"Interview with Dino Magnatta - Owner of Ulaman Eco Retreat"

We are glad Dino decided to turn his personal villa into this beautiful, sustainable resort, allowing many other guests seeking eco-luxury travels,...[...]

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"Go Green At Ulaman Eco Retreat"

This eco-resort believes that there stands a healthier world where people are spreading positive energy. Ulaman resort serves as a safe space to no...[...]

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