About Ulaman

Ulaman offers a unique holistic retreat experience—immersed in traditional Balinese culture—for people who strive to live more consciously without compromising comfort and luxury.

Dino Magnatta, a Toronto native and an accomplished business entrepreneur, fell in love with the Balinese people, their culture, religion and spiritual beliefs throughout his business ventures and travel here in Bali over the past 22 years. He wanted to create a truly remarkable property with an “Ubud feel”, closer to Canggu and Seminyak areas with tranquil water features that promoted whole-body wellness, and paired the effort with ecologically sound practices. When he connected with Charlie Hearn in 2019, a “green” architect from Inspiral Architect, it was a match made in eco-lux heaven when their ideas came together to create this unique eco-retreat.

Spending any amount of time at distinctive Ulaman Eco Retreat is an occasion to savor.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, our experienced and dedicated staff are at your service. Our mission is to exceed your retreat expectations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Our well-seasoned, devoted Ulaman staff provide first-class amenities such as semi-private butler service, 24hr security, eco-conscious practices throughout our property, a lush and calming environment so you are able to enjoy every moment, and a delectable menu handcrafted by our in-house chefs who are trained to prepare vegetarian and vegan delights.

Eco-friendly by design and practice.

We prioritize using components found directly on our surrounding land including employing local craftsmen. Ulaman’s walls are constructed from the earth and bamboo on property and our refreshing from-the-tap well water is filtered then tested regularly to ensure an excellent quality rating. We obtain natural bulk soaps, shampoos, massage oils and bug spray from local Balinese suppliers as well as the delicious organic fruits and vegetables we use are farmed either on property or nearby by local farmers. As part of our eco-conscious approach, we work attentively with the local village's waste management initiatives to ensure that our recycling, composting and natural cleaning regimens are environmentally responsible. You are invited to discover how good it feels when luxury, eco-conscious endeavors, relaxation, comfort and impeccable amenities blend together in a truly remarkable stay.