Do you know that Ulaman was built with the principle of leaving its surrounding untouched? Explore the virgin forest, rice field, river, waterfall and lake to connect with Mother Nature like never before.

Campuhan River

We are probably one of the very few resorts in Bali which has a natural river running right through its premise. 

Uniquely, our river is actually a "Campuhan", where two body of water meets and converges, creating the most spiritually profound energy within the environment. 

Based on their Hindu beliefs, the Balinese considers this as a holy and sacred place to cleanse the body and soul and also to recharge spiritual power. 


Twin Waterfall

This is the perfect spot for the traditional Balinese "Melukat" Blessing Ceremony, led by our Hindu priest. 

You can also come here to meditate, take a quick swim to refresh your mind, or simply relax and listen to the calming sounds of the water flowing. 

Allow the natural powers of water to vibrate throughout your body and feel the healing energy it provides. 

Note: swimming for advanced swimmers only.


Bio-Filtered Lake

Under the warmth of Bali's sun, try our "Float n Flow" Paddle Board Yoga session right here on our very own lake!

Or just simply relax on the hanging net in the Lake Villa while admiring the water elements around you.

The lake is continuously filtered as it runs through underwater biological filter such as rocks, gravel, soil and sand, making it naturally clear enough.

Note: swimming for advanced swimmers only.


Rice Paddies

Wake up, sip that healthy green juice and take a morning jog around our stunning green neighborhood.

Hop on our famed "Alu" trekking tour, led by experienced in-house guide to explore the surrounding rice paddies. 

Go further and pamper your eyes with the precious sights of rice fields, forest, waterfalls and villages. 

There is no WiFi here, but you'll sure make a better connection. 


Tropical Jungle

Our resort is situated in the midst of untouched lush tropical forest and green habitat. 

Construction was tailored to fit in with the natural surroundings, thus it is not surprising to see many natural trees standing tall within our resort, as they were incorporated into the design by purpose. 

Unwind in style, where luxury, sustainability and tranquility unite harmoniously with Mother Nature.


Organic Garden


Our Organic Garden is situated on the pathway to the Yoga Shala.

It features lush tropical fruit trees alongside herbs and vegetable plants. 

Aligned with our Eco-Conscious principles, we source out some of the fresh natural ingredients for E.A.R.T.H Restaurant from our Organic Garden, offering a unique "Farm to Table" concept to our guests.